All  specimens  are  mounted  on  Mineral  Tack  in  28x28x22mm  clear  plastic  boxes  with black, white or clear bases, unless stated.  In  which  case  they  will  be  mounted  in  either  40x35x32mm  white-based plastic  boxes, (Thumbnail). Or 59x40x39mm white based, (Larger Boxed)
England  -
        Cornwall & Devon
        Cumberland & Westmorland   
        The Rest of England  



Ireland  -  North & South

Africa including Arabia

North and South America including Greenland

Asia and Australasia including Turkey

Europe including Russia & excluding Turkey


Collection Thinnings


Larger Boxed Specimens

Listed to the left is a selection of my most recent Micro/Thumbnail sized mineral specimens which are available for sale.
The items highlighted in green on the 
lists are either new items or  additional material

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NOTE:  Due to the large number of specimens in the Micro/Thumbnails catalogue there will be few if any photos of the specimens, it is just not feasible to photograph each and every specimen. Please read the associated descriptions, they are brief but accurate.  Thank you
Updated  29 March 2024 (sold items) 
The vast majority of specimens on this site are now sourced from recycled collections, due to the increasing difficulties of collecting specimens from old mines and quarries etc.