All  specimens  are  mounted  on  Mineral  Tack  in  27x26x26mm  clear  plastic  boxes  with black bases, unless stated.  In  which  case  they  will  be  mounted  in  either  40x35x21mm  or  40x35x32mm  white-based plastic  boxes, (Thumbnail).
England  -
       Cornwall & Devon
       Cumberland & Westmorland   
       The Rest of England 


Scotland excluding
       Isle of Skye - Red Hills Granites

Ireland  -  North & South

Europe including Russia & excluding Turkey

Asia & Australasia including Turkey

The Americas including Greenland

Africa including Arabia

Collection Thinnings



Special Offers
Listed to the left is a selection of my most recent Micro/Thumbnail sized mineral specimens which are available for sale.
The items highlighted in green on the
lists are either new items or  additional material

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Updated  11 May 2015   
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