Micromounts Asia and Australasia including Turkey...........Updated 28 June 2018
1208 AURICHALCITE & ROSASITE - Chah Kuh, Isfahan, Iran Bluish-green feathery Aurichalcite with small Blue Rosasite spheres scattered over them on matrix 1.50p 2.00 2 1
408 BARYTES - Rochester Shire Quarry, Rochester, Victoria, Australia SOLD Colourless blocky Barytes crystals on a small amount of matrix . .
409 BISMUTH - Mareeba Shire, Queensland, Australia Bright silvery Bismuth embedded in matrix 1.50p 2.00 2 2
410 CALCITE & STELLERITE - Longley, Kingborough, Tasmania, Australia Clear rhombohedral Calcite crystals with sulphide inclusions on a bed of small Stellerite crystals on matrix 1.00 1
412 CAVANSITE - Dhoot Quarry, Wagholi, Pune, Maharashtra, India Classic spray of bright blue Cavansite crystals in stilbite matrix 1.50p 1
1209 CONICHALCITE - Dome Rock Mine, Olary Province, South Australia, Australia SOLD Small bright green globules of Conichalcite on matrix . .
420 CYRILOVITE - Lake Boga Quarry, Lake Boga, Victoria, Australia SOLD Tiny yellow Cyrilovite crystals on granite matrix . .
1210 FLUORAPOPHYLLITE-K - Nasik Quarry, Nasik, Maharashtra Province, India SOLD Pale green Fluorapophyllite-K crystal on white bladed Stilbite on matrix . .
427 MALACHITE & QUARTZ - Spring Creek Mine, Wilmington, South Australia, Australia SOLD Pale to dark green Malachite in cavities in quartz matrix . .
1211 OPAL - Australia SOLD Pieces of Opal displaying nice "fire". Unfortunately no other location info . .
432 PLUMBOGUMMITE - Yangshuo Mine, Yangshuo Co., Guangxi Zhuang, China Greyish blue rounded aggregates of drusy Plumbogummite crystals on quartz matrix 2.50p 3
433 PREOBRAZHENSKITE (TL) - Inder B Deposit, Atyrau, Atyrau province, Kazakhstan White mass of minute Preobrazhenskite crystals, no matrix 1.50p 5
436 PYROMORPHITE - Yangshuo Mine, Yangshuo Co., Guangxi Zhuang, China Yellowish green to green Pyromorphite crystals of differing habits on gossan matrix 1.00 2
438 SMOKY QUARTZ - Lake Boga Quarry, Lake Boga, Victoria, Australia SOLD Brown Smoky Quartz crystals on or off matrix . .
442 SPINEL - Ratnapura, Saboragamuna Province, Sri Lanka SOLD Single pink to red octahedral Spinel crystals, no matrix . .
443 SPESSARTITE - Putian, Fujian Province, China Six small orange Spessartite crystals in a box, mostly no matrix 1.00 1
1212 SULPHUR - Rotorua, North Island, New Zealand SOLD Bright and sparkling yellow Sulphur, no matrix . .
1213 THOMSONITE - Cairns Bay, Flinders, Victoria, Australia SOLD Sprays of clear elongated Thomsonite crystals, no matrix . .